Samsung is constantly finding innovative ways for our devices to function together in a sleek Eco-System. Samsung recently confirmed that at CES 2016 they will announce an upgraded service for their Smart TVs. This service will give consumers the ability to stream games directly to their Smart TVs via PlayStation now and GameFly. Samsung reports that 300 games are capable of being streamed through PlayStation Now and an additional 100 games available for download through GameFly at launch. (Check out Gadget Friendly demo of Playstation now beta on a Samsung Smart TV)

“Samsung’s 2016 Smart TV lineup is a direct response to the expectation of consumers that their TVs should be more than just a device on which to watch content,” said Youngchan Kim, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “The new Smart TV gaming service is just one feature of a TV that offers all-round entertainment. Our game offering will continue to expand, as Samsung partners with publishers of popular games.”

Along with bridging the gap with the gaming world Samsung is also linking Smart TVs into their home Eco system called “Smart Things.” This service allows you to connect and control all the devices you love from Samsung from virtually anywhere. Can’t wait to see what else Samsung has up their sleeves for CES 2016.

Source – Samsung

Picture Source- Karlis Dambrans



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