Yes, you read that headline correctly. Accessory maker Performance Designed Products (PDP) will soon be releasing a quick charger called Super Charger for the Xbox One controller. The Super Charger will be able to fully charge your Xbox One Controller in under 60 seconds. One full charge will provide 10-12 hours of gameplay. “The Super Charger’s unique ability to recharge the Xbox One controller in just seconds reduces interruption in game play sessions – a full recharge during a quick break provides convenience to all gamers,” says PDP chief technology officer Tom Roberts.

I know the Xbox One controller’s biggest gripes is the fact that it takes AA batteries and removable battery packs instead of an internal battery configuration like the PS4’s controller. The one benefit of having the choice of battery is that you open the market up for new battery technology as we see here with the Quick Charger. It will be interesting to see the life of the battery pack considering the incredible speed you will be able to charge it. As of today we have not heard any pricing of availability but we will update you as soon as we receive more information on this.

PDP’s Super Charger



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