How many times does a game need to be delayed before you don’t want to hear about it anymore? With the recent news that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has been delayed a second time to April 26, 2016 we will have a wait just a little longer than expected to embark on Nathan Drake’s final adventure. As Neil Drukmann and Bruce Straley stated on the Playstation blog, this delay is to complete “the most ambitious installment in the Uncharted series.” This messaging has generally received a positive reaction from gamers who just want to have the most polished experience possible at launch. Naughty Dog surely has engineered good faith with the community due to what extra time with The Last of Us did for the game in 2013.

But what about a game like  Tom Clancy’s The Division? The game has endured many delays since its reveal at E3 2016 and is slated to launch on March 8, 2016 as of now. Has any positive momentum the game has gone out window with Ubisoft entering put up or shut up territory? I believe this speaks to a serious trend in recent gaming history where games are being reveled far too early and are left to permeate gamers minds for years, ignite the hype machine and ultimately lead to disappointment. In contrast look at the success Bethesda Game Studios had with Fallout 4 with only five months between reveal and release. Hopefully that is the trend of the future!


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