As gamers we all have our opinions and preferences whether its Xbox or PlayStation, console or PC each of us chooses to game our own way. Upper Echelon consists of gamers with varying backgrounds and experiences when it comes to games with equal amount of preferences to boot. One thing was always abundantly clear, whenever we got together our conversations steered us right back to the hobby that we love the most…gaming. We want to create a stage where we could not only report on the game industry but also to share our thoughts on the direction and pulse of this industry as it grows and evolves. UE GameWire is the creation of gamers who love the culture and community aspect of gaming and we hope that passion is evident in our work. You can expect to get write ups on everything from game reviews to technology news to even movie impressions. We hope you will come to enjoy hearing our thoughts and reading our take on this beloved industry just as we enjoy talking and conversing about games with you.

Your Brothers in Gaming



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