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R.I.P Arcades…

Growing up there was one thing that no matter where you go you would always be sure to find an arcade game. Whether it was at your local convenient store, […]

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Xbox One X: Blurring The Lines Into PC Gaming

  Microsoft’s heavily anticipated Project Scorpio has been generating hype and anticipation for months, but much was revealed at E3 2017! With the official announcement of the Xbox One X, […]

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Indie Developer Hutch Hires Rachael Edwards And Corentin Delprat 

Indie mobile developer Hutch announced that Rachael Edwards and Corentin Delprat as producer and senior designer.  Rachael Edwards has been in the gaming industry over five years working with top racing publishers Codemasters and Natural Motion. She’s a certified SCRUM Master and as producer, she will participate in the studios new and existing projects. As a graduate of Game Design […]